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Our Team

ARIX® Technologies is built by industry veterans working with technical experts.

Our Story

ARIX Technologies is fueled by a profound commitment to addressing critical pipe corrosion challenges encountered by industries worldwide. Established in 2017, the company has, from day one, prioritized combining firsthand experiences by those who have lived the problem with creative innovations by those able to imagine the solution. ARIX was founded by a former mechanical integrity engineer at an industry-leading major’s downstream refinery, and the solution was born in collaboration with immensely talented Yale educated robotics engineers.
This partnership set a foundation upon which ARIX was built, a groundwork and deeply rooted belief that innovation and technological advancements can be used to overcome historical inspection challenges. Our mission is to help our friends and colleagues still in the industry enhance workplace safety and efficiency through that innovation. Every ARIX teammate brings either industry experience working alongside or within our customers, or leading-edge technical expertise (or both), with the shared vision and passion of improving safety and efficiency for our customers.
Since inception, ARIX has steadfastly pursued a future of safe, cost-effective, reliable inspection methods. Close collaboration between knowledgeable customer expertise and feedback with industry-leading technology development is in our DNA, and we believe those partnerships are essential to delivering transformative solutions and optimal performance. ARIX’s close relationship with petrochemical asset owners and non-destructive testing (NDT) suppliers has enabled the development of our innovative robotic inspection services and corrosion analytics. ARIX is truly built by the industry, for the industry.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Our purpose is to revolutionize inspection and maintenance programs through innovative robotic and software solutions. We are on a mission to enhance safety, integrity, and sustainability, creating a future where our solutions empower businesses to operate more safely and profitably while safeguarding vital infrastructure for generations to come.

At the heart of everything we do lies a deep empathy for the challenges faced by our customers. We understand the critical importance of ensuring workplace safety, protecting valuable assets, and maximizing operational efficiency that drives optimal bottom-line outcomes. Our solutions are crafted with our customers' needs in mind – designed to address real-world challenges and deliver tangible results.




Our Leadership Team

Dianna Liu Headshot
Founder & CEO

Dianna Liu

A former ExxonMobil engineer, Dianna holds dual mechanical and biomedical engineering degrees from Duke University and an MBA from Yale University.

Petter Wehlin Headshot
Director of Engineering

Petter Wehlin

Holding a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Yale, Petter has been working with Inspection Robotics for the last 7 years as an inventor, engineer, product manager, and technology leader. Petter holds 11 patents related to inspection robotics.

Chema Pena Headshot
Director of Data Science

José M. (Chema) Peña, PhD

A former Professor of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and Deputy Director of the Supercomputing and Visualization Centre of Madrid (CeSViMa), Chema is the current honorary Affiliated Scholar to the Computational Mechanics of Materials Group at the University of Oxford.

Conner George Headshot
Director of Robotic Manufacturing

Conner George

Conner leads the manufacturing operations and robot sustaining team at ARIX. Excelling in procurement, inventory management, and optimizing manufacturing processes, Conner's focus on safety, reliability, and continuous improvement ensures top-quality and efficient operations.

Tyler Flanagan Headshot
Director of Service & Operations

Tyler Flanagan

With over 15 years of operations experience and a wealth of expertise in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Tyler's career spans years of impactful contributions, showcasing a results-driven and innovative approach to inspections within the oil and energy sector.

Michael Rowell Headshot
Director of Revenue

Michael Rowell

With over fifteen years of global experience in technology startups and established firms, Michael's expertise spans various sectors, including oil and gas software development, geophysical technology, and climate accounting platforms.

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