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Equip your team with AI-powered insights, revolutionizing your operations with comprehensive data collection, analytics, and optimized planning for your facilities.

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Leverage the full potential of your inspection data.

ARIX® AnalyticsTM offers a comprehensive, integrated, and centralized suite of tools to maximize the power of your data. With advanced AI algorithms and intuitive interfaces, our platform enables seamless comparison and analysis of corrosion scenarios, proactively alerting you to problems that could arise in the future.

ARIX Tablet Analytix 2

ARIX Analytics surfaces critical corrosion issues and exposes maintenance risks by exploiting historical data and combining it with ARIX-collected inspections, providing you with a list of action items and priorities.

Using intuitive 3D visualization tools and advanced forecasting capabilities, you can efficiently plan inspections, anticipate and proactively address potential issues, and optimize resource allocation. This empowers operators to mitigate risks effectively while saving valuable time and resources.

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Gain actionable insights for better decisions.

Our team of industry veterans partners with you to ensure that your collected data is also used to its full potential – meaning you can strategically plan for the future with confidence.

ARIX Analytics Laptop Trend Analysis 2
AI-Powered Data Analysis 
Leverage our artificial intelligence algorithms to uncover hidden patterns and insights on our user-friendly platform.
ARIX Analytics Laptop Risk Modeling 2
Corrosion & Deterioration Modeling 
Spot potential issues early and strategically plan your maintenance needs to reduce outages.
ARIX Analytics Laptop Inspection Planner 2
Proactive Maintenance 
Streamline your maintenance and avoid unnecessary inspections to drive down costs and mitigate risks.
ARIX Analytics Laptop 3D Modeling
3D Asset Visualization 
Leverage intuitive 3D visualization tools to spot potential issues early, mitigate risks, and enhance operational efficiency.
ARIX Analytics Laptop Analysis Dataflows
Customizable Analysis Dataflows
Tailor your own analysis dataflows with ARIX Analytics, utilizing flexible, graph-like organization to meet your specific operational needs.

“ARIX Technologies has great potential to provide both marine safety improvements along with significant cost savings to the consumer.”

Jack Buono

Former president & CEO of SeaRiver Maritime (subsidiary of ExxonMobil)

“We haven’t had success with robot companies before, but your team exceeded expectations.”

Electric Utility Company for an American Megacity

“This robot should sell itself based on scaffold reduction”

Top 5 Chemical Producer

Asset Integrity Engineer

“This robot has the potential to be game-changing in the refining industry where nothing like this currently exists.”

Joseph Nunez

Refinery Lead Mechanical Engineer at a top 5 oil major, Licensed & Industry Veteran Engineer

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